Alternative Electric Heating


With gas prices continually rising electric heating is becoming an increasingly attractive option and growing in popularity amongst homebuilders, renovators and developers. The majority of people do prefer the conventional central heating radiator, as it is the most accepted method to warm a room. EZ Heat works on exactly the same principle yet requires no plumbing, pipe work, boiler or connection to a water supply. EZ Heat therefore provides all the benefits of gas central heating, without the problematic installation, servicing and maintenance costs.

  • EZ Heat radiators have been in the market since the late 90’s and are manufactured in the UK, by Heat Electric Ltd, a British company.
  • Research has shown that in a modern, well insulated home, electric heating can often be lower in cost to operate than gas or other fuels for a number of reasons.
  • With virtually no moving parts EZ Heat are reliable, maintenance free and unlike other systems, do not require annual safety checks. This is an obvious saving when considering the total running cost of an electric system.
  • Electric heating provides unmatched levels of comfort, 24 hours a day. With EZ Heat individual room temperatures can be adjusted to suit occupancy ensuring a relaxing living environment.
  • Since EZ Heat do not produce carbon monoxide or any other harmful gases, there is no risk of explosion or danger from poisonous fumes. EZ Heat are maintenance free which ensures complete peace of mind for all of our customers.


    EZ Heat radiators are more efficient and economical than storage heaters. The radiators are direct acting and heat is produced quickly and efficiently. The radiators are totally controllable via the remote control timer and thermostat. Storage heaters however offer background heat dissipation from the early morning charge yet the heat is often needed to be supplemented by direct electrical heaters on peak time electricity, increasing the cost.

  • The installation is straight forward, simply wall mount onto the brackets supplied, plug-in and switch on.
  • The remote controls are battery powered and communicates with the radiator via radio frequency.
  • The programmer can control up to seven radiators, however the radiators cannot be controlled individually.
  • The radiators require no wiring, they simply plug into a standard socket. 3kw radiators require a permantent connection unit (PCU).
  • The radiators come filled with water and a combination of rust inhibitor and anti-freeze. No additional water needs to be added.
  • They require no maintenance at all.
  • The radiators project a total of 140mm (including fixing brackets) from the wall.